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5th Annual Career Institute

Join a powerhouse group of leaders in HIV advocacy and research from across the country on February 2 at 9am for a virtual institute, “Addressing Career Counseling and Employment Needs: Prioritizing the Physical, Mental, and Economic Health and Well-being of People Living with HIV: Part II,” presented by North Carolina Central University and the National Working Positive Coalition! Harold Phillips, Director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy, will provide the keynote address for this half-day training event, followed by three panel presentations led by Vanessa Johnson, Martha Cameron, and Sylvester Askins, Jr.


Panelists discussing “The Role of Employment and Employment Services in the Journey of People Living with HIV,” with Sylvester Askins, Jr., will include Jasmine Davis, Chelsea Gulden, Cedric Sturdevant, and Dawn Trotter. Discussing “Employment-Related Needs and Strategies Unique to Women Living with HIV,” with Vanessa Johnson, will be Yolanda Diaz, Pat Kelly, Octavia Lewis, and Venita Ray. Representatives from NWPC’s Research Working Group will close out the institute with “Highlights from Research Studies Related to HIV and Employment,” with moderator Martha Cameron, and panelists including Yung-Chen Chiu, from Hunter College, Liza Conyers, from Penn State University, Attia Khan, from the University of Toronto, Farbod Pour, from the CERIA Research Centre at the University of Malaya, and Sungwon Yoon-Lee, from Penn State University.


Registration without CEU certificate is free; registration with 4 CRC credit units certificate is free; registration with a 4 contact hour NBCC CEU certificate is $15 for students and $25 for professional:


This virtual event will bring together professionals and students across the United States interested in career development, vocational rehabilitation, mental health and other counseling practices regarding employment needs of people living with HIV. Furthermore, participants will have an opportunity to network and learn about strengthening counseling responses. Presenters and panelists will include researchers, service providers, people living with HIV and other advocates for this focus on counseling at the intersection of HIV and employment needs.


 To register, click the button below.

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